Work Lessons from The Hunger Games (so good we posted it again!)

So by now I’m sure everyone’s tired of hearing about the Hunger Games. But too bad. I’m still going to write about it. Yea, there are a lot of people annoyed by yet another teen love triangle but I have to say, I picked up some essential business lessons while watching the movie and paying … Continue reading

Staying Sane During Finals Week

For those of you lucky enough to be done with the school year already, take this article as a cautionary tale for next semester. But if like me you find yourself in the sea of papers, last-minute cram sessions and Red Bull also known as “Hell Week”, you’ll certainly be able to relate to this. … Continue reading

Ruin the Curve for Everyone

Let me start off by saying that I really hate tests. I’m good at them, but I hate them. Two years ago I was forced to take a Healthcare Economics class. Yes… healthcare AND economics…some genius decided to mix them together. So halfway into the semester it was time to take our dreaded Midterm Exam … Continue reading

The Business of College

On a certain day each semester, college students across the country set their alarms and wake up with the rising sun for the ever stressful scheduling day. Busy servers, unexpected class restrictions, and full courses are scenarios most students would consider all too familiar. It’s even more frustrating when the college chooses to cancel courses … Continue reading

The Unpaid Internship: Taking the Plunge…Without the Pay

The unpaid internship: an anomaly to some of our parents, and to us even. Working long hours, with no monetary compensation, on top of a hefty credit load is undoubtedly not quite what we want to be doing in college. Thus, the question remains: why have so many of us taken the plunge into the … Continue reading

Don’t Work. Avoid Telling the Truth. Be Hated. Love Someone.

This commencement speech is one I came across last week. It changed my life. I hope it changes yours. Enjoy, Editor-in-Chief, Samantha Tucci —- Written by Adrian Tan, author of The Teenage Textbook (1988), was the guest-of-honour at a recent NTU convocation ceremony. This was his speech to the graduating class of 2008. I must … Continue reading

Thank You, But No Thank You?

Like I’ve said before, ‘thank yous’ go a long way, and should always be given when appreciation is due. But as college students, when do WE hear thank you? I mean, as far as I can remember I don’t think I’ve ever been told by a professor “thank you for working so hard.” Or after … Continue reading

Can You Pay My Bills?

The Wall Street Journal came out with an article today discussing how difficult it’s been for college graduates to pay their student loans. It’s gotten so bad that graduates are now putting off marriage, children, and many other events because student loans are holding them back. Wait, so you’re telling me I spent four years … Continue reading

Jobs Are Like Boyfriends (and Girlfriends), It’s Okay to Get a New One

My friend’s boyfriend is an idiot. I mean, honestly, I have no idea what she sees in him. He treats her terribly, he’s not good for her, and no, his looks don’t compensate for his behavior. So why does she stay with him? I found this quote by Johnny Depp that seems to answer my … Continue reading

Keeping It Personal

You’ve probably heard more often than not to keep things “professional” at work. And yes this is true. You shouldn’t be talking about your drunken nights with your boss, or show up to work looking like you just rolled out of bed. But there is a time and a place to keep it personal instead … Continue reading