Find Your Dream Job By Finding Yourself

Original post from my blog (link) I don’t know how it is with you, but when I first started looking for jobs/internships, I would look through company and career fair websites. I’d look for opportunities with qualifications I met. Then I’d start drafting cover letters, tweak my resume, etc. As I wrote my cover letter, … Continue reading

Jobs Are Like Boyfriends (and Girlfriends), It’s Okay to Get a New One

My friend’s boyfriend is an idiot. I mean, honestly, I have no idea what she sees in him. He treats her terribly, he’s not good for her, and no, his looks don’t compensate for his behavior. So why does she stay with him? I found this quote by Johnny Depp that seems to answer my … Continue reading

Why I Would Major in “My Career”

If I told you that 80% of your effort contributed to 20% of your success, you would probably wonder why you weren’t using your time more effectively. Well, that’s the gist of the Pareto principle, “Roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.” Considering the importance of your first job, I don’t … Continue reading