Effective Use of Gen Y Talent…Why We Need to Look Beyond Job Descriptions

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  Companies are struggling these days. Times are tough. There’s a lot of work to be done, plenty of jobs that need to be filled, yet in many instances, there’s no money to fill them.   Well that’s a problem…   So how do we fix this? It’s simple, really.   We…

And Another One…

I think I have a little bit of an obsession for awesome yet controversial commencement speeches. And I know for most of you graduation has already occurred and your probably sick of hearing it. But this speech is like none other. Actually it’s the complete opposite of my commencement speech which was fucking awesome, super … Continue reading

We want YOU.

With all of our writers, authors, and bloggers we always try to give you guys everything and anything you’d want and need to know when it comes to college and life post graduation. But we always want to hear from you if there’s something we’re not covering. Don’t be shy. No topic is off topic. … Continue reading

Staying Sane During Finals Week

For those of you lucky enough to be done with the school year already, take this article as a cautionary tale for next semester. But if like me you find yourself in the sea of papers, last-minute cram sessions and Red Bull also known as “Hell Week”, you’ll certainly be able to relate to this. … Continue reading

Ruin the Curve for Everyone

Let me start off by saying that I really hate tests. I’m good at them, but I hate them. Two years ago I was forced to take a Healthcare Economics class. Yes… healthcare AND economics…some genius decided to mix them together. So halfway into the semester it was time to take our dreaded Midterm Exam … Continue reading

The Freshman 15

The Freshman 15 The Freshman 15! Although many studies consider it a myth, the Freshman 15 is something that you hear all around the United States. For those unfamiliar with the phrase, the Freshman 15 refers to the idea that freshmen who live on campus will gain fifteen pounds in their freshman year due to … Continue reading

Drop(box) It Like It’s Hot

Being a student, undergraduate or graduate, is not easy.  You’re working hard to make all your dreams come true, hitting the books (and hoping they don’t hit back), making the most of your limited time and money, and trying to work in a bit of a social life.  This is why I’ve always been a … Continue reading

Survey: Do you think college prepared you enough to enter the work force and land a job?

Simple yes or no. Some people think that college dropped the ball and didn’t teach them the necessary skills and fundamentals to land that entry level job, others believe the opposite and that college laid down a foundation for its graduates to become successful in any situation. What do you think? Let us know in … Continue reading

Jobs Are Like Boyfriends (and Girlfriends), It’s Okay to Get a New One

My friend’s boyfriend is an idiot. I mean, honestly, I have no idea what she sees in him. He treats her terribly, he’s not good for her, and no, his looks don’t compensate for his behavior. So why does she stay with him? I found this quote by Johnny Depp that seems to answer my … Continue reading

Survey Says!

The results are in! At the bottom of the article “College Failed Us” we had a poll asking “What percentage of what you learned in college are you using now?” Of the 79 people who took the poll, only 21.5% said they are using more than half of what they learned in college now. Most … Continue reading