Staying Sane During Finals Week

For those of you lucky enough to be done with the school year already, take this article as a cautionary tale for next semester. But if like me you find yourself in the sea of papers, last-minute cram sessions and Red Bull also known as “Hell Week”, you’ll certainly be able to relate to this. … Continue reading

Ruin the Curve for Everyone

Let me start off by saying that I really hate tests. I’m good at them, but I hate them. Two years ago I was forced to take a Healthcare Economics class. Yes… healthcare AND economics…some genius decided to mix them together. So halfway into the semester it was time to take our dreaded Midterm Exam … Continue reading

Entering a Business Plan Competition? – Here’s What You Need to Know

Across the country, Universities host a variety of business plan competitions for students.  If you play your cards right, you can WIN! I consider myself to be experienced in the realm of business plan competitions.  I myself have entered into and won third place in a competition. So, here is the advice I have if … Continue reading

How to time manage school-work, and play.

We all learn pretty young how important homework and projects are for a class. It helps us take the material we have learned from that week or day, take it home, and then practice it. However,  as time goes on more tasks and opportunities come into your life, this is when having good time management … Continue reading