We want YOU.

With all of our writers, authors, and bloggers we always try to give you guys everything and anything you’d want and need to know when it comes to college and life post graduation. But we always want to hear from you if there’s something we’re not covering. Don’t be shy. No topic is off topic. … Continue reading

5 Ways Dorm Life Prepares You for the Real World

The cramped space, the shared bathrooms, and taking the plunge into living with a complete stranger for a year. Most college students experience these facets of dorm life for at least one year throughout their college careers. Some students crave the freedom and privacy of living in their own space, while others like the environment … Continue reading

Don’t Work. Avoid Telling the Truth. Be Hated. Love Someone.

This commencement speech is one I came across last week. It changed my life. I hope it changes yours. Enjoy, Editor-in-Chief, Samantha Tucci —- Written by Adrian Tan, author of The Teenage Textbook (1988), was the guest-of-honour at a recent NTU convocation ceremony. This was his speech to the graduating class of 2008. I must … Continue reading

My Mentor

Recently I went to the “Boston’s young professional” seminar, and the most common advice there was “find a good mentor and your career will take off.” I’m sure a lot of you have heard similar advice from other professionals. Truth be told this is great advice, and it’s true finding a good mentor is very … Continue reading