Drive productivity with Google Drive

A few weeks ago we had a post about Dropbox and all its benefits. How it can make you more productive and how easy and simple it is to use. Well folks, we mine as well introduce you to Google Drive as well. Google Drive is a cloud storage service very similar to Dropbox that … Continue reading

The Business of College

On a certain day each semester, college students across the country set their alarms and wake up with the rising sun for the ever stressful scheduling day. Busy servers, unexpected class restrictions, and full courses are scenarios most students would consider all too familiar. It’s even more frustrating when the college chooses to cancel courses … Continue reading

Drop(box) It Like It’s Hot

Being a student, undergraduate or graduate, is not easy.  You’re working hard to make all your dreams come true, hitting the books (and hoping they don’t hit back), making the most of your limited time and money, and trying to work in a bit of a social life.  This is why I’ve always been a … Continue reading

Notworking: Inappropriate Places to Expand Your Network

Notworking: Inappropriate Places to Expand Your Network 1. A funeral/wake/shiva call: Passing out your business card at one would be almost as bad as trying to pick up women at one à la Wedding Crashers. 2.  Your jail cell. 3. The bathroom. 4. A Sci Fi Convention: 5. The ER:  “I’m sorry about your bullet wound.  … Continue reading

Why I Would Major in “My Career”

If I told you that 80% of your effort contributed to 20% of your success, you would probably wonder why you weren’t using your time more effectively. Well, that’s the gist of the Pareto principle, “Roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.” Considering the importance of your first job, I don’t … Continue reading

College Failed Us

It’s true. Even those of us who have jobs and are successful were still robbed of a true education. How much of what you’ve learned in college are you actually using in real-life? 50%? 25%? 5%? Nothing? Before you start commenting about your nursing degree and that you NEED to know everything you learned, know … Continue reading

More Money……More Problems

Most of you have been managing money since you got to college…whether your managing student loans, or income from your part time job, or your parents “allowance”. Whatever your situation, everyone thinks they have a pretty good understanding of how to manage money. So now you graduated college, got a fancy job and now you … Continue reading

Productivity Machine-Teambox

I’ve used quite a few “productivity” programs, apps, and websites for group collaboration. But so far, Teambox is the best one I’ve found. Assign tasks, status updates, insert Youtube links (which play in the browser like Facebook) create wiki pages… it’s damn near perfect. It will also soon be integrating Dropbox functionality as well. Best … Continue reading