Budget Tools: Mint.com

We’re not going to tell you what to budget, but if you’re planning on creating a budget for anything… college, saving to get a new car, moving out, etc… we urge you to check out Mint.com. Mint will sync with your debit cards, credit cards, students loans, car loans, house loans… anything you can throw … Continue reading

Can You Pay My Bills?

The Wall Street Journal came out with an article today discussing how difficult it’s been for college graduates to pay their student loans. It’s gotten so bad that graduates are now putting off marriage, children, and many other events because student loans are holding them back. Wait, so you’re telling me I spent four years … Continue reading


“So how much are you making these days?”……… once you graduate or for some of you even before you graduate, this will be a common question from your friends. For the first time in your life, how much you are making in salary ends up being a measure of how successful or intelligent you are. … Continue reading


You graduated, you got a job, and now 6 months later you have to pay back student debt. Oh, and unless you are the 1 in 176 million who wins the 540 million dollar MegaMillions Jackpot tonight… you’ll hopefully appreciate the few tips I put together to help you on your journey to becoming debt-free: 1. Stay Current Most college students move at … Continue reading

Being in college doesn’t mean being broke

The association between college students and being broke is so over saturated these days. We get it, you’re in college, it’s a new world, new schedule, you’re getting acclimated, your studies come first so why even think about working or money? For some people mommy and daddy have fat bank accounts in which they pay … Continue reading

5 Best Investments You Can Make In College

Okay, so you’re broke. Join the club! But wait, before you continue reading, answer one question. Do you have any of the following?… a. IPad b. New Car Rims c. New Car Speakers d. Michael Kors Watch e. Diddy Beats Yea, that’s what I thought. Many college students do. I just don’t get it. Clearly, … Continue reading

4.2 % Unemployment rate…..wait WHAT?

Wouldn’t you love to live somewhere, where the unemployment rate is 4.2%? Interestingly enough that IS the unemployment rate right here in the good old USA. Wait what? Now you might be thinking, “What is he talking about? I could have sworn the news told me the Unemployment rate is 8.3%, even if you go … Continue reading

Textbooks: How Not To Get Ripped off.

Unlike high school, when you enter college you now have to purchase your own textbooks. What a drag. But it’s the reality of it. And because almost all classes require you to buy a textbook(s) things can get real pricey real fast. But don’t worry, we would never let you spend close to $400 a … Continue reading

More Money……More Problems

Most of you have been managing money since you got to college…whether your managing student loans, or income from your part time job, or your parents “allowance”. Whatever your situation, everyone thinks they have a pretty good understanding of how to manage money. So now you graduated college, got a fancy job and now you … Continue reading