And Another One…

I think I have a little bit of an obsession for awesome yet controversial commencement speeches. And I know for most of you graduation has already occurred and your probably sick of hearing it. But this speech is like none other. Actually it’s the complete opposite of my commencement speech which was fucking awesome, super … Continue reading

Work Lessons from The Hunger Games (so good we posted it again!)

So by now I’m sure everyone’s tired of hearing about the Hunger Games. But too bad. I’m still going to write about it. Yea, there are a lot of people annoyed by yet another teen love triangle but I have to say, I picked up some essential business lessons while watching the movie and paying … Continue reading

Budget Tools:

We’re not going to tell you what to budget, but if you’re planning on creating a budget for anything… college, saving to get a new car, moving out, etc… we urge you to check out Mint will sync with your debit cards, credit cards, students loans, car loans, house loans… anything you can throw … Continue reading

We want YOU.

With all of our writers, authors, and bloggers we always try to give you guys everything and anything you’d want and need to know when it comes to college and life post graduation. But we always want to hear from you if there’s something we’re not covering. Don’t be shy. No topic is off topic. … Continue reading

Drive productivity with Google Drive

A few weeks ago we had a post about Dropbox and all its benefits. How it can make you more productive and how easy and simple it is to use. Well folks, we mine as well introduce you to Google Drive as well. Google Drive is a cloud storage service very similar to Dropbox that … Continue reading

Staying Sane During Finals Week

For those of you lucky enough to be done with the school year already, take this article as a cautionary tale for next semester. But if like me you find yourself in the sea of papers, last-minute cram sessions and Red Bull also known as “Hell Week”, you’ll certainly be able to relate to this. … Continue reading

Ruin the Curve for Everyone

Let me start off by saying that I really hate tests. I’m good at them, but I hate them. Two years ago I was forced to take a Healthcare Economics class. Yes… healthcare AND economics…some genius decided to mix them together. So halfway into the semester it was time to take our dreaded Midterm Exam … Continue reading

Find Your Dream Job By Finding Yourself

Original post from my blog (link) I don’t know how it is with you, but when I first started looking for jobs/internships, I would look through company and career fair websites. I’d look for opportunities with qualifications I met. Then I’d start drafting cover letters, tweak my resume, etc. As I wrote my cover letter, … Continue reading

The Business of College

On a certain day each semester, college students across the country set their alarms and wake up with the rising sun for the ever stressful scheduling day. Busy servers, unexpected class restrictions, and full courses are scenarios most students would consider all too familiar. It’s even more frustrating when the college chooses to cancel courses … Continue reading

5 Ways Dorm Life Prepares You for the Real World

The cramped space, the shared bathrooms, and taking the plunge into living with a complete stranger for a year. Most college students experience these facets of dorm life for at least one year throughout their college careers. Some students crave the freedom and privacy of living in their own space, while others like the environment … Continue reading