How to Build Your Resume Over the Summer

Summer is upon us!  It’s time to put all the stress of class behind us for a few months to relax, hang out with friends, and just have fun.  However, it is important that you think of your career during this break as well.  During school you are more invested getting to class on time, passing your midterm, or scrabbling to finish a thirty page paper, that you completely disregard the building of your resume.  Over summer, you have more time to spare and can concentrate on getting your resume together.

The two or three months you are out of school, I would advise that you spend time working on your resume and participating in activities that can be added to it. I have included a few tips to help you:

  1. Get a summer Job/Internship: Obtaining a summer job/internship is a good way to develop valuable skills that you can use on your resume.  You should try to find one that is related to the field you want to enter into so that you have that experience under your belt.
  2. Volunteer for Groups/Charities: Philanthropy is always a good thing to put down on your resume.  Many employers like to see that you are involved in the community and making a difference.
  3. Refine Your Skills: If you are a graphic design major, you should spend some time on projects of your own choosing.  If you are a business major, stay up-to-date on the current business and economic environment.  If you are a computer engineer major, play around with old computer parts.  In general, you should be trying to develop your skills in your spare time.
  4. Build a Portfolio: You should create a portfolio of work such as your designs if you are a fashion design student or writing samples if you are a business student.  This would be separate from the resume itself, but would be a good thing to have with you to show potential employers if they are interested in work you have done.

So, spend some time over the summer building up your resume so that when you apply for jobs you stand out among the rest.  But make sure you fun as well this summer and stay safe!

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