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A few weeks ago we had a post about Dropbox and all its benefits. How it can make you more productive and how easy and simple it is to use. Well folks, we mine as well introduce you to Google Drive as well. Google Drive is a cloud storage service very similar to Dropbox that was released to the public about a month ago. It works just like any other folder on your computer, you can simply drag and drop files to your “GDrive” and they will be saved there along with being saved on “the cloud.” You’ll be able to access the files you save there from any computer by simply going to and signing into your account. Any file you drop into your “GDrive” will also sync with any other computer you have Google Drive on. For example, if you save a file to your Google Drive folder on your home computer, it will automatically save onto your Google Drive folder on your work computer if you have Google Drive set up on that PC as well (along with your Android device). Google Drive sets you up with 5GB of data storage, version tracking, download to mobile, file/folder collaboration, and public file share. File/folder collaboration will feel natural to you if you’ve ever used “Google Docs” to collaborate on a file/folder which also includes real-time collaboration.

So is Google Drive better than Dropbox? Answer… it depends. Dropbox comes with only 2GB of data storage but it does include media streaming. Media streaming lets you stream whatever movie files or music files you have in Dropbox without  having to download the file first (which is pretty impressive/awesome). You can also up the total amount of storage you have for free on Dropbox by simply inviting others to use it. Dropbox is also available on ALL platforms, not just Android like Google Drive (although Google Drive is expected to be released for iOS very soon). As for document collaboration, Google Drive takes the cake since it’s basically a fully featured cloud document editing and storage suite with real-time collaboration built-in.

What do I recommend? For document editing and collaboration, Google Drive. It’s extremely easy to use with a simple, yet elegant interface that includes a real-time collaboration feature which makes it truly stand out. For sharing of media, we’d have to recommend Dropbox. Being able to share and receive music or video files and then be able to stream them anywhere I have a data connection is an amazing feature. What I REALLY recommend is for you to simply use both! I use Dropbox for music/media and Google Drive for documents and am very pleased with both services. I share new music I’m listening to friends via Dropbox and work on documents using Google Drive and it’s awesome. Both are easy to use, both are free, take 10 minutes out of your upcoming week and test them out. They’ll save you hours of time in the long run.

How do you use Google Drive or Dropbox? Let us know in the comments.


Google Drive Android App: Drive for Android

Check the videos below to see what Google Drive is all about…

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