Ruin the Curve for Everyone

Let me start off by saying that I really hate tests. I’m good at them, but I hate them.

Two years ago I was forced to take a Healthcare Economics class. Yes… healthcare AND economics…some genius decided to mix them together.

So halfway into the semester it was time to take our dreaded Midterm Exam and well, that test was no joke.

I just hoped that our professor would be nice and that she’d curve the grades for us, like she always did.

The following week, we sat in our seats and watched our teacher write the grade distribution on the board.

This is what we saw:

Average = 62 %

Oh greattttttt….

This was going to be a long class.

I sat at my desk anxiously calculating how many questions I thought I may have gotten wrong.

We did have fifteen extra credit points so maybe that helped…

Then I remembered! I remembered that the curve was always at least ten points! I stopped hyperventilating.

Then I started again.

“I’m sorry to let you guys know, but there will be no curve on this exam.”, said our not-so-nice-anymore teacher.


She passed out the exams.

I got mine, held my breath, and then flipped it over.

115 %

That was my grade. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN!

I felt like I had won a date with Ryan Gosling.

Well, at least until everyone around me started complaining. I had to endure comments and threats about how SOME DORK (me) ruined the curve for everyone.

People were livid.

And because of that, I hid my exam. People asked me how I had done. I lied.

To avoid being stabbed, I just told them I did okay.

But the thing is that I didn’t do okay, I did AWESOME! So it really wasn’t fair that I felt I couldn’t be proud of how I kicked that Midterm’s a**.

You see, people don’t like it when other people do better than them. People don’t like it when others achieve or accomplish more than they have.

To that I say, too bad.

We should never feel embarrassed for doing great work. We should never feel like we have to hide it because others might get upset.

So regardless of whether it’s in a class or in life, here’s what I challenge you to do:

Ruin the curve for everyone. Dare to be exceptional. Raise the bar high and never apologize for it.

5 Responses to “Ruin the Curve for Everyone”
  1. rachelmeeks says:

    When I first read this, I felt a little negative towards it. It IS finals week. Curse you curve-ruiners! But I actually really enjoyed what you have to say, and think that it can apply to all aspects of life. To me of course, it’s applicaple to being invisibly ill. You know, it’s hard to be sick and we don’t often get chances to be proud of what we accomplish in spite of illness because we’re so busy hiding that we’re ill. Just like you, we’re cramming that test into our bags, saying we’re fine. But gosh darn it, we all just need to be proud of ourselves and not hide! Thanks for another great post. 🙂

  2. I LOVED those days in college…the teacher would announce that there were only 1-3 scores that were “higher than” or “perfect scores”…..and I get my test back with the hundred on it! LOVE those tests. It is always amusing when people ask how you did and you have to decide if they lie or if they tell the truth and run like mad!

  3. Phil Willcox says:

    Love the phrase, ‘Dare to be exceptional’ may I borrow that one?

  4. dianagtmytn says:

    Reblogged this on Diana's attempt to blog and commented:
    I just absolutely love this post ! I seem to find myself reading it over and over again. So inspirational. ♥

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