Find Your Dream Job By Finding Yourself

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I don’t know how it is with you, but when I first started looking for jobs/internships, I would look through company and career fair websites. I’d look for opportunities with qualifications I met. Then I’d start drafting cover letters, tweak my resume, etc.

As I wrote my cover letter, I tried to craft it to make it seem like I was always interested in that kind of role or company and it always sounded terrible.

“I’ve always been interested in economics and consulting, so I think this junior role at this Economic Consulting firm would be a perfect fit for me”

A lot of students are guilty of doing this, but it’s not completely their fault. We’ve been trained to get a “job” out of college. Work isn’t fun, it’s called “work” for a reason. Don’t be picky, take what you can get and be grateful.

So students go scouring every opportunity and try to mold themselves into the perfect candidates.

But we have it all wrong. We’re doing it backwards.

Instead of trying to make ourselves fit into a job, we should find a job that fits us.

We should spend more time discovering and doing what we enjoy. That sounds easy, but it’s not. In fact, it requires work and discipline. Instead of reading Facebook all day, read actual books. Instead of staying at home, go to different organizations and meetings.  Instead of hanging out with the same people, meet new people and find out what they like and why.

Obviously there are some limitations. What you want to do should be practical to some extent. Maybe nothing makes you happier in life than spinning around in circles, but that skill probably won’t help you get a job. But you could start a fan webpage and learn how to build a community. You can start a blog and improve your writing. You can start a club and start learning how to manage and organize people. You can post videos on YouTube and you start learning how to edit videos, etc.

As you do this, you can start figuring out, what you enjoy. Then, look for those job descriptions. Don’t force yourself to be the perfect candidate. Find opportunities where you are already the perfect candidate.

If the Spinning Around In Circles Company is hiring an assistant and they have a job opening, you can approach them and sincerely tell them why you love their company. Not only that, you can prove it by pointing to everything you have done. Saying you’re passionate and hard-working doesn’t prove anything. Show, don’t tell.

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