Drop(box) It Like It’s Hot

Being a student, undergraduate or graduate, is not easy.  You’re working hard to make all your dreams come true, hitting the books (and hoping they don’t hit back), making the most of your limited time and money, and trying to work in a bit of a social life.  This is why I’ve always been a big proponent of work smarter, not harder – and utilize the best tools you have to make your life easier.

This the beauty of Dropboxhands-down the best web-based file hosting service that you should be using every day, all the time.  Because it’s designed by two MIT graduates who know what it’s like to be students with a lack of financial resources, it’s totally freemium – free for the first 2 gigabytes and pay from there.  One of the aspects that makes Dropbox superior to many other file sharing services is its accessibility across platforms.  Dropbox is just as easy to use on your PC laptop as it is on your Android phone and your iPad.

So, what should you use Dropbox for?  EVERYTHING.  Dropbox can serve as a great back-up resource for all your major documents, projects, and media and makes it easy to share with whoever you need.  Whether you need to finish up a group project with friends across campus or are finalizing bachelorette party plans with ladies of various technological acumen across the country, Dropbox’s easy to use format and generous size allowance makes it easy to share files.  If you’re student teaching, you have all your lesson plans and worksheets on hand without fumbling for a thumb drive; if you’re a music buff, you can swap albums and tracks with your less-hip friends without burning CDs.

A quick, unscientific poll of Twitter found that twenty-somethings are using Dropbox in all kinds of creative, new ways.  Several people mentioned using Dropbox to keep track of shared household expenses, bills, and documents with roommates/housemates.  For job hunters, Dropbox is a great way to encourage others to review your resume and cover letters before applying for your dream job – or the perfect way for people to share job opportunities they’re aware of with you.    Some bloggers like to use JotForm to have data from forms/polls/quizzes/submissions on their website automatically sent to Dropbox.  Depending on your work environment and project set, users swear that you can complete just about any task more efficiently with Dropbox.

DropBox Hints and Hacks:

  • Make Dropbox Your Default:  You can make Dropbox your default My Documents folder, saving you the time and energy to remember to back things up or sync your documents regularly
  • Utilize Facebook:  Synching your Dropbox with Facebook is so simple and a great hack.  You can send Dropbox files to your Facebook friends (great if you don’t know an email off the top of your head) and you can choose to share photos through Dropbox instead of pasting all your personal information on Facebook (not exactly known for its privacy!)
  • Use SendToDropbox:  Use this easy add-on to instantly email documents to Dropbox – perfect for when someone sends you an attachment and you don’t have time to download and upload it right away
  • Tell your friends:  By referring users to Dropbox, you earn additional free space and your new user friend also gets bonus free space for using your link.  Tweet or Facebook about Dropbox and earn extra space as well.
  • Follow Dropbox on Twitter:  Dropbox has a great Twitter account – full of fun, easy tips to enhance the experience without saturating your feed with meaningless advertising/self-promotion
Are you Dropbox user?  Share your favorite tricks, add-ons, and tips in the comments.  Prefer another file-sharing service?  Let us know why you think it beats the box!

Important Note:  Dropbox did not pay me (or give me extra free space) to say any of these things – I honestly think it’s the best file-sharing service out there and I would never lie to my fellow “post-collegiates.”  But if Dropbox would like to express their gratitude through cash and prizes, I certainly wouldn’t say no…

Rebecca is a Hall-and-Oates karaoke enthusiast who occasionally works but mostly blogs over atPost-Collegiate.  You can follow her on Twitter, enjoy television gifs on Tumblr, and send her beer recommendations to postcollegiateblog [at] gmail [dot] com.

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  1. nebiker10 says:

    DropBox Sucks…Get with the times.

    learn about and try cubby


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