Thank You, But No Thank You?

Like I’ve said before, ‘thank yous’ go a long way, and should always be given when appreciation is due. But as college students, when do WE hear thank you? I mean, as far as I can remember I don’t think I’ve ever been told by a professor “thank you for working so hard.” Or after an interview I never got the initial email saying “thank you so much for meeting with US.” So why is that? Why do we have to give out a million thank yous, bow down to professors and employees to get good grades and a good salary, but get nothing in return? Frankly, I think it’s unfair and I think we deserve a lot more.

This is a story all about how (Fresh Prince voice) I went for an interview and was reprimanded (like a 5-year-old) for not sending a thank you email.

While I’m finishing up my last semester, completing a thesis, and struggling to make ends meet, I also have to put on a smile and apply for as many jobs as possible so that I’ll have something to show (and some money to gain) from my college degree.

I applied for a job about three weeks ago, went for the interview, and had not hear anything for a while.

I sent a follow up email to see the status of the position, and was told that I would be a great candidate and the interviewee thoroughly enjoyed my interview, however they were surprised I didn’t send a thank you note after the fact. Right there I’m thinking, “shit, so I’m not getting the job because I didn’t say thank you?!” Now mind you, this is something you SHOULD do, and something I almost always do (99% of the time). But like I said I had a million things going on (even though that’s not a real good excuse) and it simply slipped my mind.

After these emails shot back and forth, and an apology was given on my end, I thought to myself, “why don’t WE get a thank you?” I’ve never ever had an employee thank me first. I’ve never heard, “thank you for taking time out or your busy day and putting your utterly important school work aside to meet with me.” Sometimes I feel like employers think we don’t do anything all day. And I think they feel righteous in the sense that they are the employer and we are the struggling college student, so we should be ever so grateful to even have gotten an interview. I do appreciate an interview, but I also think I deserve it and worked very hard to get it, so rightfully it was me who landed it, I didn’t get lucky enough to be picked.

Either way, my life is just as important and busy as any employer’s, even if I’m not working right now. And I firmly believe that I deserve credit and appreciation just like they do. I deserve a thank you for coming out to meet with YOU to help YOU, seeing as essentially that is what any employer is looking for: HELP.

The moral of the story is this. Always send a thank you after an interview, because it is common courtesy. But don’t send a thank you because you think that “thank you” will get you the job. Thank them because the interview really DID go well, and because it’s a place you really would like to work for. You should get the job from your interview and your resume, not because you’re sending a thank you. And if you don’t get a job because you didn’t send a thank you, then it shouldn’t be a place you’d want to work anyways. AND if they don’t respond with a thank you in return, call them out on it. If they think they can depreciate us and think we’ll still take the job because we NEED it, they are very wrong. You earned it, you deserve it, demand thank yous!

Editor-in-Chief, Samantha Tucci

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