Can You Pay My Bills?

The Wall Street Journal came out with an article today discussing how difficult it’s been for college graduates to pay their student loans. It’s gotten so bad that graduates are now putting off marriage, children, and many other events because student loans are holding them back. Wait, so you’re telling me I spent four years in college, furthering my career, to get a better paying job (or any job seeing as it’s impossible to find a job without a degree), only to find out that my future job will only support me in paying off my student loans and allow me to do nothing else? This makes no sense, and I’m pissed.

I have a few tens of thousands of dollars in loans, which isn’t bad compared to some. But when you throw in the interest rate and the length of time I’ll be paying it, it definitely starts to stack up. However, in the nicest way possible, I will be damned if Sallie Mae and the federal government keep me from getting married, having children, traveling, and living my life the way I want. What do I say to Sallie Mae? Suck it!

And there’s no need to attack with the “well you opted into these loans, you could have gone to a cheaper school, you could have waited to go to school and saved up some money” commments. I am not buying it and I will tell you why. We shouldn’t restrict and limit ourselves, or settle, because our capitalist country makes it nearly impossible to even attend college at an affordable rate. You either have to be extremely poor or extremely rich to get by in college. So what about the rest of us? I work hard in high school, get into great schools, but unfortunately, even though I busted my ass, can’t go to any of my desired schools because THEY charge too much for anyone to afford and force you to take out thousands of dollars in loans that you’ll be paying back for the rest of your life? Oh no you don’t!

They’re making it harder and harder to afford going to college due to the prices, which in turn forces anyone to take out student loans, which you’re stuck with for the rest of your life, sucking the life out of your bank account. We should not suffer and be jipped an education at a school WE want to go to because these schools choose to over charge us for EVERYTHING. Do I wish I made different decisions when it came to money and loans? Yes. But do I wish colleges would be fair and give everyone an equal opportunity to attend college, afford it, and not have it cripple them for the rest of their lives? OF COURSE!

What it comes down to is this. DO NOT let student loans screw up your entire life plan. Going to college and working hard should not result in a nasty punishment known as student loan repayments. Don’t let it be a punishment. Work with your lenders. You can only afford what you can afford and you let them know that, they’d rather get some money from you than no money. Write to your congressman. Start a petition on Write about your school or your lenders, expose them if you think they’re being unfair. Let the word be known that student loans will not and cannot stop us!

Editor-in-Chief, Samantha Tucci

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    Just say ‘no’ to student loans!!!! If you can???,,,…

  2. JUST SAY NO to refunds checks….!!!!! If you can afford to —–lol lol lol

  3. Amen…I just got off he phone with them yesterday. I wish I’d promoted self-education to myself a lot sooner. (lol) —You can learn anything you want at the Public Library for FREE—…. Damn; student loans, you really have been intimidating me!!! Where the problem lies is; as long as we have student loans, we OWE the US government. Which happens to have the ability to garnish our wages and pocket our income tax refunds that we work hard for. Let’s not go there though. GOOD reads Lil’ Lady. Keep up the wonderful work. You have a beautiful voice!!!

    • samanthatucci says:

      Thanks doll! Let us know if there’s any topic you’d like us discuss 🙂 We’re here to help in any way we can!

  4. I completely agree with you. I am going to be paying for undergraduate and graduate degrees for a long time. And my younger sister is too scared to even apply to big universities because she already knows she can’t afford it on her own. But I keep telling her that I will help her make it work because she NEEDS a good education so that she can have a better life than we did growing up.

  5. At least YOU are ALLOWED to take off campus housing. Our campus doesn’t allow us to live off campus UNLESS A) you live with your Parents AND B) they live within 15 minutes of driving time. Otherwise, you are FORCED to live on campus and our MINIMUM housing bill is $5,000 per year (without board; thats just rooming fees).

    Can I just tell you how proud I am that someone finally stood up and said something about this ridiculousness?

    • samanthatucci says:

      That is outrageous! Again, they make it nearly impossible. I opted to live in an apartment my senior year and be listed as a commuter, to save money. I also took summer and winter classes (1. because they’re cheaper and 2. so that my last semester senior year I’d only have 2 classes). Do you know what they did? Took away my entire $3000 grant and I had received a scholarship my first semester senior year which was to be granted for my second semester, and they cut if in half. They wanted to take the entire scholarship away because I was part-time. Me being part time does not mean I didn’t deserve that scholarship. I was livid. It is a cruel world out there, and no one wants to help.

      I’m so glad you liked my post! Keep this dialogue going, let your voice be heard. If we all come together, change can happen.

  6. samanthatucci says:

    I go to a very expensive private school and I also live in Massachusetts, where housing anywhere is extremely pricey. At my school there’s a variety of housing options which range from around $5000 -$11,000 for the entire school year which is ridiculous. The townhouse style living options are the most expensive but the amount they charge is ridiculous. $11,000 for only being at school for 8 months roughly equals to over $1,000 of “rent” per month times how ever many roommates. Five people live in these townhouses which equates to around $6,000 per month to live! We could buy a million dollar mansion with that kind of money! Living off campus in an apartment is much cheaper and that’s what I opted to do my senior year, which saved me thousands of dollars in loans. And it sucks because everyone who goes to college should be able to experience living on campus, but it will cost you thousands and much debt with student loans. Colleges really make it so difficult to attend and enjoy college without suffering for 30 years afterward.

  7. I totally relate to this post. I didn’t even look into out of state schools because I live in Florida and worked hard enough in high school to get a Bright Futures scholarship. They’re slowing chiseling away at Bright Futures and every year I find myself relying more and more on my federal loans. I’m literally doing everything I can to avoid private loans, but it’s so difficult.

    Here’s a question for you: Is the cost of “student housing” as ridiculous where you live as it is here? Kids are paying anywhere from $500 to $800 a month for an apartment. Some are just crappy little 2/1s; some are luxurious resort-style town-homes. I could handle my tution and school costs with scholarships and I work at a good job but I STILL do not make enough to make ends meet without the help of loans. Do you see that kind of thing happening, too?

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