How to Get Hired Using Social Media (Part 1)

We’re in a crisis. With unemployment over 8%, finding a job has become a highly competitive, high-stakes challenge for people in all walks of life. But there is a powerful tool that’s helping people to connect with prospective employers, find jobs, and advance their careers: social media. Increasingly, using social media to find a job is becoming more and more commonplace.

Here are the statistics:

  • In 2011, 16% of job seekers found their current job through a social networking site such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. (Up 5% from 2010)
  • Out of those who found jobs through social media, they attributed their employment to the following websites:
    • Facebook: 78%
    • LinkedIn: 40%
    • Twitter: 42%
  • Heavy users of social media, as opposed to average users, were far more likely to get hired.
  • The majority of those who found their current job through social networks were under the age of 40.
  • Only 3% of standard job applications receive a response.

So why does social media work? It can set you apart from the countless number of resumes that will never get read by presenting a multidimensional portrait of who you are and what makes you unique. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter can exhibit your genuine personality more interestingly and dynamically than a one or two page sheet of black ink. The answer is not floral borders or a different color font. The answer is social media.

Developing a robust social presence will not only help you stand out, but it may even help you be discovered. Recruiters and employers alike are searching all across the internet for the perfect candidate for an open position, but getting their attention can be more science than luck, the result of a well-planned job-seeking strategy.

I personally acquired my current position through social media. My boss found me on Twitter, and from there found my blog. He sent me an email saying that he was a fan of my blog and wanted me to come in to meet him. Before I walked in the door he was pretty set on hiring me. Why? Social media.

This will be a five-part series that will teach you everything you need to know about how to get hired using social media. That was part one, getting you on board. Over the next few weeks you will learn how to leverage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a Blog to land a job!

If you have any questions regarding this series, please feel free to email me, tweet me, or message me on Facebook!

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