Keeping It Personal

You’ve probably heard more often than not to keep things “professional” at work. And yes this is true. You shouldn’t be talking about your drunken nights with your boss, or show up to work looking like you just rolled out of bed. But there is a time and a place to keep it personal instead of professional while doing it in the most appropriate way.

Let’s talk emails first. Being in PR emails are everything next to phone calls, and it’s all about personality. So for me, I like to keep my emails personal and cheery. Again, I don’t believe in delving in about my personal life or asking inappropriate questions. But I do ask how the person is, make small talk, use exclamation points and sometimes smiley faces depending on who it is. And this is perfectly fine. You shouldn’t sound like a robot. It’s nice to get a genuinely, sincere email and it makes you look like a human being, not an office drone. Always thank the person for taking the email, call, etc. and always say you look forward to speaking to them again or working with them. This shows you care about the person, not just the business deal which is usually the end result.

On the phone, I always keep it up beat. Talk about mutual topics before you get down to business and again inquire about the person. If the purpose of your call is to make a deal or have them do something for you then of course you need to make them feel of utmost importance. ALWAYS thank them and tell them to have a great day. You’d be surprise what a long way this can go.

And because I’m such a huge fan of gratitude and thanking those who help us or work with us, hand written thank you notes are what will make you stand out from the rest. Who writes thank you notes these days? Not many people. But when you receive one it’s like finding a diamond on the ground, rare and amazing. A thank you note shows you really appreciate the person, their time, and their effort. These are things people will remember about you and these are the things that will keep people wanting to work with you again and again.

Keep it personal, keep it sweet, and always remember that it’s the small things that will take you far in the working world.

Editor-in-Chief, Samantha Tucci

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