How to Get Hired Using Social Media: Twitter (Part 3)

Twitter: Building a Name for Yourself Twitter is a great way to become, or at least appear to be, an authority in your field and to build relationships with people who have similar interests. Think of Twitter as a giant house with thousands of rooms. Each room is talking about different topics ranging from Kim … Continue reading

The Freshman 15

The Freshman 15 The Freshman 15! Although many studies consider it a myth, the Freshman 15 is something that you hear all around the United States. For those unfamiliar with the phrase, the Freshman 15 refers to the idea that freshmen who live on campus will gain fifteen pounds in their freshman year due to … Continue reading

Entering a Business Plan Competition? – Here’s What You Need to Know

Across the country, Universities host a variety of business plan competitions for students.  If you play your cards right, you can WIN! I consider myself to be experienced in the realm of business plan competitions.  I myself have entered into and won third place in a competition. So, here is the advice I have if … Continue reading

The Unpaid Internship: Taking the Plunge…Without the Pay

The unpaid internship: an anomaly to some of our parents, and to us even. Working long hours, with no monetary compensation, on top of a hefty credit load is undoubtedly not quite what we want to be doing in college. Thus, the question remains: why have so many of us taken the plunge into the … Continue reading

Drop(box) It Like It’s Hot

Being a student, undergraduate or graduate, is not easy.  You’re working hard to make all your dreams come true, hitting the books (and hoping they don’t hit back), making the most of your limited time and money, and trying to work in a bit of a social life.  This is why I’ve always been a … Continue reading

Don’t Work. Avoid Telling the Truth. Be Hated. Love Someone.

This commencement speech is one I came across last week. It changed my life. I hope it changes yours. Enjoy, Editor-in-Chief, Samantha Tucci —- Written by Adrian Tan, author of The Teenage Textbook (1988), was the guest-of-honour at a recent NTU convocation ceremony. This was his speech to the graduating class of 2008. I must … Continue reading

Thank You, But No Thank You?

Like I’ve said before, ‘thank yous’ go a long way, and should always be given when appreciation is due. But as college students, when do WE hear thank you? I mean, as far as I can remember I don’t think I’ve ever been told by a professor “thank you for working so hard.” Or after … Continue reading

How to Get Hired Using Social Media: Facebook (Part 2)

Facebook, The Social Interview. As we saw last week, the majority of people who found jobs through social networking sites did so through Facebook. Facebook has a reputation for being a breeding ground for stalkers and a large contributor to decreased productivity, yet it can be a powerful tool for professional networking. Your Facebook profile … Continue reading

Survey: Do you think college prepared you enough to enter the work force and land a job?

Simple yes or no. Some people think that college dropped the ball and didn’t teach them the necessary skills and fundamentals to land that entry level job, others believe the opposite and that college laid down a foundation for its graduates to become successful in any situation. What do you think? Let us know in … Continue reading

Tips to Help You Land that on Campus Job

I have worked on campus, at Woodbury University, since my freshman year of college.  I started off at the lowest level and throughout my years at Woodbury I was able to get promoted.  This means I know what it is like to be on both sides of the job; being the subordinate and being the … Continue reading