LinkedIn Tip #2

We previously discussed a tip for LinkedIn for how to become discovered. That tip was to get your profile to 100% complete in LinkedIn so you’ll become more easily searchable to recruiters. Today we’ll be discussing viewing others profiles on LinkedIn. On the LinkedIn professional network, you can see when someone views your profile. More importantly, others can see when you’ve viewed their profile. This small feature is very powerful when hunting for a job. Find out who will be interviewing you, or who you need to speak with for the job and make sure you constantly view their profile. The most recent people that view their profile should come up at the top of their “Who’s viewed your profile.” This way people can put a face with the name of the resume you sent in and help you become more memorable. Also you may just get lucky and have someone contact you for simply viewing their profile. It’s happened to me. I connected with a friend and viewed his connections. One of his connections that I viewed later contacted me to discuss coming in for an interview out of the blue.

Now this small technique doesn’t guarantee that the person of your interest will check out your LinkedIn profile, but you need to use every tool you can in today’s job market. Now get out there, and start viewing profiles!


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