You are going to do GREAT…

“You’re going to do great” as you get closer to graduation this is a phrase that will be over played like a ‘Katy Perry’ song on the radio. Everyone you meet, everyone you speak with, will give you this positive endorsement. It’s almost as if they know something that you don’t. The first few times you hear this, it will make you feel good. I mean who doesn’t like some positive reinforcement, especially as you step into the big bad ‘Real World’. After a few times of hearing it, a sneaky little thought creeps into your head:

“what if I don’t” ……..

A friend of mine once asked me, if I was ever scared of letting people down at work. Being the self confident (sarcasm) individual I am, I said “NO, never”. Well I lied……I have been afraid of letting people down since the day I started my first real job. As long as you are in school, your output/results are directly correlated to your input. Study hard get a good grade on your test, drink the night before a final and you do poorly on the final. Unfortunately it’s not so black and white once you start working; you can give your work a 110% and still miss deadlines, or miss your boss’s expectation of what he was looking for. And every time you miss your deliverable, that thought gets a little bit louder. For me it got so bad I had trouble sleeping at night.  I mean after all I don’t want to tell my boss that I’m overwhelmed, because I don’t want him to think he made a mistake hiring me. I don’t want to tell my friends, because I don’t want them to think I’m weak minded. So that thought got louder and louder.

So as you undoubtedly will feel this way in the beginning parts of your career, I want you to keep a few things in mind. 1) It’s OK to feel this way, you are not alone. 2) Give the people who hired you some credit, they chose you out of a pool of candidates and they chose you for a reason. They know you can get the job done. 3) It’s OK to make mistakes, you didn’t mess up on purpose that’s why it’s called a mistake. The key is learning from them and making sure you never repeat them.

So happy graduation and remember “you are going to do great!”

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