Snooze and you will not lose

College is hectic. Although you have more free time, you’re still busy with friends, sports, extracurricular activities, working, meetings, and just keeping it all together successfully. So your new best friend will be sleep. Ah yes, wonderful lovely sleep. Too many students think going to college is an excuse to break free, stay up all night, and party on a Wednesday (who does that?). But in actuality you will get burnt out very quick if you start to behave this way.

I’m all for a good time, don’t get me wrong. But I’m also all about getting good grades, being involved, and graduating. So for me partying on a Wednesday wasn’t really in the cards. But for you who think this is a good idea, or are doing this already, you will slowly start to wither. And so will your academics.

See when you don’t get enough sleep, you’re groggy, you sleep late and miss class, which you then start to fall behind and your grades start to slip. You’re taking naps midday, when you should be doing work or eating lunch or having a meeting with a professor. You’re not putting in as much effort in class or on your work because all you can think about is sleeping.  You’re more likely to be irritated and stressed, and whatever you’re doing is not being done to its best efforts. And this is all due to lack of sleep.

So do yourself a favor, set a time during the week that you always want to be in bed by. For everyone it’s different because some people will have morning classes, while others may not. But find out what works for you. Running on 6 hours of sleep did me good, but for some of my roommates they needed more. Whatever works for you, figure it out, and do it quick. Because to function properly and be the best “you,” you really need lots of sleep.

Also, make your bed as comfortable as possible. The generic XL twin beds with hard mattresses suck, yes they suck. Go out and get some memory foam, a few egg crates, and a down comforter featherbed (all of which can be found at Target and are affordable when going back to school items come out in the summer). Get some nice soft sheets and some fluffy pillows. I must say, my bed in college was always the best, and I always looked forward to going to bed.

I know college is about having fun and taking advantage of those wild four years, but you also don’t want those four years to go by and see that certain things suffered all because you weren’t taking care of yourself. And who doesn’t like snuggling up in that comfy twin bed at 10 pm? If that’s wrong than I don’t want to be right.

Editor-in-Chief, Samantha Tucci

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