Being in college doesn’t mean being broke

The association between college students and being broke is so over saturated these days. We get it, you’re in college, it’s a new world, new schedule, you’re getting acclimated, your studies come first so why even think about working or money? For some people mommy and daddy have fat bank accounts in which they pay for their child’s drinking or shopping habit in college (ie. a very large portion of students at my school). For the rest of us, we’re not fortunate enough. Let me tell you one thing though, I always managed to have money through college, buy what I wanted, and go out on the weekends and I came from a family that was by no means “rich” or willing to pay for my leisurely activities.

We have this image in our minds that we are supposed to be constantly broke that we don’t see the grass on the other side. But I’m here to debunk this myth and show you that you CAN get and do what you want without begging mom and dad for some cash.

First off, get a job. You have way more free time in college than you did in high school with classes only a few times a week and only a few classes a day. So schedule wisely because with your free time you’ll be working. You can work on campus through work-study programs or find a place close to campus that you can commute too. For the ladies, babysitting jobs are golden in college. The pay is great, it’s easy, and the hours are usually flexible. Check out sites like and Sitter City to find jobs in your area.

If you can’t have a car yet, just don’t have one, or think that it will be too much to handle having a job and your academics, then save. Work hard over the summer and save a good chunk of money that will get you through the semester, or at least until Christmas. Trust me, when used wisely a thousand or two will last an entire semester and then some.

In order to make your money last, be frugal (which doesn’t mean be cheap), buy things you really want , will use more than once, and can keep forever. If you’re going to wear that Tiffany’s ring every day, then it’s worth it. If you’re going to devour that pizza in ten minutes and barf it up in the morning, then no, it’s not worth it. So please refrain from blowing all your money on pizza or chinese food at 2 AM on a Saturday. You have a meal plan for a reason and late night pizza will drain you real quick.

Also, never buy anything full price. This is a motto I live by regardless of being in college. Ebay, Amazon, thrift stores, discount department stores, and the clearance section need to be your best friend. That Tiffany’s ring, you’ll find on Ebay for half off. And those Nike’s you’ll see on sale in two weeks. That that Louis Vuitton belt you’ll find at a thrift or consignment store for $50. And discount department stores allow you to get those finer things for lower prices.

So don’t deprive yourself just because you’r in college. If you’re “broke” and don’t have anything  it’s because it’s a choice and you decided to spend your money stupidly, because the options are all laid out for you.

Editori-in-Chief, Samantha Tucci

3 Responses to “Being in college doesn’t mean being broke”
  1. Ciana Abdollahian says:

    There are a lot of paid internships out there now…especially in business and engineering! Go after those first. If you’re eligible for work study – take advantage since those jobs are on campus and you don’t need a car for them. I would also suggest working at a restaurant whether it be hosting or serving. It’s decent pay and hours are pretty flexible making it easy to work into your schedule. Craigslist is a great resource for part time jobs and also for finding items cheap i.e. microwaves, fridges, apartments…

  2. spencertucci says:

    I agree. I did the same thing. I worked a normal random job to make cash. BUT, this was also my downfall for gaining experience related to my major. Like you said in an early post, working for free for internships is worth it…. so if I do that, how do I make money and not become broke?

    • samanthatucci says:

      If you decide to do an internship it doesn’t necessarily have to be full time. For me I intern right now and tutor part time and also go to school part time. And if you decide to do an internship in the summer, only do it for a month or so, at least so you can have some type of experience, and then work the other few months. But overall, you can work, intern, and go to school it’s just a matter of your willingness to do so.

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