Even if you’re not in college, you need a spring break

It’s true, we all need a little vacation sometimes, even when you’re not in college. So if you see us slacking this week, it’s not because this isn’t working out or that we don’t love you anymore, because the truth is we do. But some of us needed to take a little rest and relaxation getaway this week down in Florida. So don’t worry, we’re not leaving you and we’re not breaking this off, but if we did it would be because it’s me, not you. And we didn’t all completely bail on you this week (although I wish I was basking in the sun down in Florida, but instead I’m here in Boston where it went from 80 degrees to 50 degrees, great). So stay tuned for some awesome posts this from our fabulous, and your beloved, contributors.

XoXo U.Ave Girl

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