Your Employer Owns Your Facebook Account

A few days ago we discovered that some companies are requiring interviewees to hand over their Facebook password in order to proceed with the interview process. I think we can all agree that this is an outrage and completely unnecessary. It has recently come to our attention from an unnamed source that some employers that do “allow” you to use Facebook at work, either on your break or on the clock, can and will legally claim ownership of your profile. We thought simply having to show someone our Facebook page is an outrage, but now they can claim ownership of it? How is this possible? According to our unnamed source, his company has been doing this since the company allowed them to first log into Facebook at work. After you log in, that’s it. You lose the ownership of your Facebook profile and it becomes company property.

His advice to his employees and everyone else is to NEVER log into Facebook at work and to NEVER friend request other employees. If another employees profile who you’re friends with has their profile become property of the company, your employer will have a little secret window to spy on your personal life. Now most of us aren’t worrying about this, and we really shouldn’t have to because its absolutely ridiculous. But if the time comes when you’re company gets real corporate and untrustworthy of its employees, beware of falling into their Facebook trap.

Does your company enforce this Facebook law upon you? Let us know in the comments.



One Response to “Your Employer Owns Your Facebook Account”
  1. jwrodden says:

    One of the places I’ve worked at simply blocked almost every internet site besides those we used to do our jobs. One had us sign a contract regarding internet usage policy but was never too strict about going on facebook when their was downtime. At my current work they don’t seem to care at all though there is a little disclaimer everytime we log in telling us that we shouldn’t consider anything we do on the computer at work as private. Seems like most places don’t mind internet use so long as it isn’t interfering with work and you’re staying off porn sites.

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