Textbooks: How Not To Get Ripped off.

Unlike high school, when you enter college you now have to purchase your own textbooks. What a drag. But it’s the reality of it. And because almost all classes require you to buy a textbook(s) things can get real pricey real fast. But don’t worry, we would never let you spend close to $400 a semester on textbooks (which people do) because that’s just not the type of people we are. I mean with all the other expenses college requires, why not try and save any way you can?

First things first, never ever buy textbooks from your college. You can always find books at a cheaper price. Only resort to buying books from your college if you’ve scoured the earth and it’s no where else to be found. Because here’s how it goes. You’ll buy an overpriced textbook for close to or more than $100. And your college will suck you in byy saying “we pay cash for books” at the end of each semester. Don’t be fooled friends. They do pay cash, but it’s usually about a tenth of what you paid for the book to begin with. Oh! And don’t forget, if the class you just took is using a different addition the following year, you probably won’t get anything back. Rip off!

With that being said, there are obviously alternatives to purchasing textbooks from your bookstore, and they will save you big time. The first option is to ask friends or other students if they took a class you’ll be taking and see if they will let you borrow it or “rent it” for a fraction of the price. At my school, students would post on the bulletin boards saying they had textbooks to sell or rent. Some students even contact teachers to let their upcoming classes know they’re selling books. All you need to do is ask around.

The second alternative is to buy online or at bookstores that sell used books. You’re college will sell used books, but again they are still much more expensive. Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Ebay all sell books used for sometimes less than a dollar (depending on the book) you just have to search around! And if you just hate the idea of buying a textbook that you’re probably only going to use once (let’s be serious, it’s true) then rent it! Chegg.com is a great site that lets you rent books, and return them at the end of the semester. They also plant a tree every time you rent, how nice.

Lastly, know in advance what books you need for each semester. I always contacted my professors a month before the semester started if the books weren’t already posted online for the class. That way you have plenty of time to order the book online or go out and buy it, and you’re not stuck having to buy it at your college bookstore because it’s the night before class and you forgot you needed a textbook (it happens to the best of us).

Editor-in-Chief, Samantha Tucci

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