Social Media Isn’t Just For Socializing

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Myspace (if you’re still using Myspace…) are all social media outlets that are used for that very reason: to socialize. But as you’ll see, social media outlets are used for more than just socializing now. Businesses use it to interact with consumers, people branch out and network, brands start to market differently, and even more importantly you can land a job or internship through them. Yes, I literally mean you can tweet a company or person about a job and get it. I did it and  landed one of the best internships I’ve had thus far.

See using social media to get a job or internship isn’t seen as unprofessional or innapropriate anymore. Of course someone won’t hire you just because you tweeted them about an open position. But what these outlets will do is provide a doorway into contacting the company or person about that job or position. I get about fifty emails a day. So a huge company or firm is probably getting three times that. You really think your resume and cover letter is going to be of their first priority? Probably not. But catching their attention via Twitter or Facebook (sites that people monitor and interact on all day every day) can sometimes have more of an impact. Here’s my story.

I have a tumblr (which is a blog for all of you who don’t have one and should) in which I follow a PR guru who features weekly interviews with those in the PR industry (PR stands for public relations for those of you who don’t know). There was a woman featured who is young and successful running her own fashion and beauty PR firm in NYC and Miami. Naturally I started to follow her on Twitter. From one of her tweets, I read of another interview she did in which she explained how she takes on virtual interns. So what did I do? Tweet her asking if she needed any interns. Where did that get me you ask? It lead me to emailing back and forth, to then having a phone interview, and then landing the internship. Wham bam thank you ma’m!

What it comes down to is this. In a world that is filled with so much clutter, you need to break through as an indivudal and get someones attention anyway you can. Emails, phone calls, and now social media are all avenues you need to pursue if you really want that job or internship. You need to go out on a limb (in the most professional manner you can) and utilize every option to getting in touch with someone who can open up doors for your career. And in this world, that means reaching out on Facebook and Twitter.

Remember this, no risk is not worth taking. Because what’s the worst that could happen? They don’t respond to your tweet? They don’t call you back? They ignore your email? If that’s the case, then it’s on to the next one. What matters is you can’t say you didn’t try and that’s what’s most important.

Editor-in-Chief, Samantha Tucci

2 Responses to “Social Media Isn’t Just For Socializing”
  1. nhlsquared says:

    Sam – great article. I found it helps to start following a lot individuals who are in the same industry as you or the industry you would like to be in. Also, re-tweeting some of your professional idols can be the biggest form of flattery (granted they don’t have a following like Lady Gaga). Also, asking professionals that you admire for advice or input can help initiate conversation. Hopefully, in some cases that could end up leading to an internship or job offer!

  2. spencertucci says:

    That’s right. Pursue every avenue. I got an interview way back for a job at Smarterer just from tweeting to the CEO. THE CEO RESPONDED. I agree that you won’t get a response every time, but its just one more avenue to pursue.

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