College Failed Us

It’s true. Even those of us who have jobs and are successful were still robbed of a true education. How much of what you’ve learned in college are you actually using in real-life? 50%? 25%? 5%? Nothing? Before you start commenting about your nursing degree and that you NEED to know everything you learned, know that this post is not for all majors. I graduated with a dual concentration in marketing and management and I’ve used close to zero of my education in the real world. Nobody cares about the business plan I did for a mock-up business my senior year, no one cares about the research paper I did on the original iPhone, people only care about what you did in real life, with real business, or how your skills are going to help make them money. That’s it, and this is where college failed us.

We shouldn’t have been learning about NAICS codes (no one uses that, and you probably don’t even know what that is), or how to build a research paper, or how to manage a fake sensor company, or how to motivate your employees… we’re graduating into an entry-level job market, not a CEO market. We should be educated in real world situations and with current technologies and trends for entry-level positions. Social media, web design, sales management programs, community management, marketing analytic programs… this is what employers want experience in. The education system is broken and living in the past, and they need to catch up and be more current or our future graduates will be doomed.

Some business professionals don’t even have a LinkedIn profile and it’s a near necessity to have one to get a job and build your network. I was fortunate enough to have a professor force this on our class my junior year, and I’m glad he did. That is what we need. We need professors and universities to force these current trends upon us. If you’re taking a sales class, you should be using during the class. If you’re taking a marketing course, social media and mobile marketing should be at the top of your syllabus. The internet itself is involved somehow in almost every single occupation… so why aren’t we learning more about it? Most people only use it for Facebook and email. I challenge you, the universities of today, to force us to learn about real life strategy and current relevant events to better shape the minds of tomorrow.

Quit prepping us for unemployment. Start prepping us for real life.


What do you think? This is just one persons experience. Did the system work for you? Or do you find yourself using almost nothing of what you learned in college? Let us know in poll and comments.

2 Responses to “College Failed Us”
  1. Kayla Cruz says:

    Spencer, I feel like this is a post I’ve been wanting to write for a long time. College really has failed us in that it really doesn’t prepare us for life. Instead of taking classes like philosophy of all the bs that I’m never going to need to know, how about we take classes like personal finance management, people skills 101, etc. This is what’s going to make us successful in the future.

  2. You are 100% correct Spencer, nicely said!!

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