Pursue every avenue. Every opportunity.

Today’s job market is brutal. Actually, brutal is an understatement. I’m not sure there’s a way to describe how poor the job market is. It’s disturbing to recent graduates and making us wonder… “was college even worth it?” Was the four or more years we spent and all the debt we accrued in the process worth it? We put in all this hard work, all this time, and now we’re introduced to a non-existent job market. I’ve seen graduates working for free in the city just hoping they can get the chance for an entry level job. These are graduates from UMass, Boston University, Boston College, Northeastern… all over. Now most of us don’t have the luxury of being able to work for free or don’t want to take out a private loan to feed ourselves while hoping for a promotion.

There’s nothing you can do about the job market, so what can you do to get a job you’ll enjoy? You’ll have to pursue every possible avenue of your life and every possible opportunity. It’s work, but eventually you will get a job worthy of your standards. Get back in touch with your old professors, ask friends to ask friends for you, and push your comfort level to network more efficiently. Let me give you an example. A close friend of mine approached his old professor with an idea, his old professor put him in contact with a business fellow named David. David connected with my friend on LinkedIn. My friend later viewed David’s LinkedIn contacts. One of David’s contacts then saw he viewed his page and contacted him for an interview. The interview was for a former co-founder of Facebook. You’re really not as far from your dream job as you think, as long as you pursue every avenue and every opportunity. It could of been very easy for my friend to not contact David, or not bother to connect with him on LinkedIn… but he did, and was rewarded for it. If you don’t land the job, don’t get discouraged, now you have another contact and another person in your network who can help you in the future.

Be persistent. Be aggressive. Be true to yourself, and you will be successful at finding your job.

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