Want a job? Sure. Just give us your Facebook password.

Boston.com is reporting that some employers are now requiring job seekers to hand over their Facebook profiles. The interview process will go as any other normal process followed by  “Ok great, now can you just log into your Facebook account for us.” Where’s the trust? Where is the interviewing skills of the employer? Why is it a NECESSITY for the employer to know about your personal life? Many of us have photos or status updates on Facebook that are so personal we won’t share them with our own family or some of our closest friends. It’s a ridiculous invasion of privacy to require these actions as part of an interview process. Employers should be able to find out if your a good fit for the job through traditional interview methods, work experience of the candidate, and how the candidate presents himself/herself. If the employer wants the most “up to date work information” about yourself, they can check your LinkedIn profile (make one if you don’t have one). What value is the employer getting from looking at your personal information? How does it pertain to the potential job? Does the music you listen to make you a better or worse fit for the job? Or does the pictures of your drinking on a beach mean you’d be a slacker on the job? Of course not.

However, there may come a time when you want the job so bad that you’ll deal with the devil. So how can you overcome this challenge? First, you could take the simple course of action and clean up your Facebook profile before every interview. The first clean up might take a while, but after that you should only have to fix a few things here and there from interview to interview. Second, you could try out the double Facebook life. What I mean here is create an additional Facebook profile with a different email. This way you could make one profile your “work” profile the other one your “personal” profile. Third, make your Facebook profile private. This choice is probably the easiest unless you want people to be able to discover you through search. You can simply go into your Facebook settings and make your entire profile private so that it does not show up in search on Facebook or on any other search engine. By doing this you’ll have to lie to the employer about having a Facebook profile, but I think we can agree that it’s worth it. If lying isn’t your thing, delete your Facebook account (you can always reactivate it).

How will you deal with this new challenge in finding a job?

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