Transferring to a new school with no friends

Unlike the majority of students, I did not start my college career at a 4-year institution. I decided the best decision for me after high school was to start at a community school near my hometown. After one semester of commuting to the community college, I knew I was meant to move on, and find a college where I was able to live at, and graduate with a Bachelor’s degree.

After I knew I wanted to transfer, the process of transferring was difficult. I now needed to choose where I wanted to go, and what I wanted to do. Having a small amount of help, I decided upon myself to attend a school that was far enough away from home, so I did not always need to go home, a place where I would be able to do different types of things ( sports, degree programs, clubs), and somewhere that was also reasonably priced. I applied to 5 different state colleges and universities around MA. , and NH. After two-three weeks of sending my transfer material out, UMass Lowell “unofficially” accepted me to their Business Administration program. I knew then I made the right decision. So relieved!

I then decided after careful consideration, that going to UMass Lowell was the best idea for me. The only downfall was I did not know one single person there!

Tips on making friends when transferring:

It is important to understand, in college everyone is learning and growing into their selves. I transferred my sophomore year, and lived with a person who was completely my opposite. It was a transition I did not know how to approach at first. Luckily, being a friendly and opened minded person, I made the best out of this situation. It is extremely important to be open-minded and easy-going your first and second year in college. You meet so many different types of people, and during classes you are matched with other students you typically would not want to be matched with. Unfortunately, you have no choice anymore.

Another tip, when going to classes and not knowing anyone – try to put your self out there. Say ” Hi ” to the person next to you, join in groups with people you would not typically be in. You have no idea how much this helps you in the long run. Having this quality, also benefits your outlook on life after college. You don’t realize how important it is to put your self in those uncomfortable situations in college, until your actually placed in them when your out.

It is okay to be shy, college is here to train you, and help develop those weaknesses into strengths. Meeting all new types of people really makes life more interesting. Be friendly, and open to new opportunities. I can’t relay enough how much it will benefit you in the future!

I know a lot of people have a hard time joining clubs at school. I personally had a hard time accepting the fact that it was “cool”, to do. My junior year I decided to join multiple clubs on campus. I can not tell you how much more my personality, and outlook on life had changed being in these groups. What really prompted me to join in these groups was my my friends. Most of the people I met in classes were go-getters, and they were the ones who really inspired me to join groups that they were already apart of. But, there was one organization I decided to be in by myself. This club transformed me from a regular college student, who started there 2 years back not knowing one single person, to being the voice of my student body. (Just by putting myself out there). I took all of my pride and decided that this opportunity was going to really make me a better person upon leaving here. I made great friends, learned a lot from the behind the scenes of my college, and gained a lot of great exposure to peers, mentors, and college professors.

Why joining groups and clubs in college benefits you?

INTERVIEWS AFTER COLLEGE!! Potential employers love hearing you talk about these clubs, and extracurriculars you did during your 4 or 5 years of college. Yes, a good GPA is wonderful to brag about, but for those of us who couldn’t have that conversation, having these groups on my resume really made me stand out to employers. They love hearing this stuff. So learn to take your pride out, and think about your future. It honestly works!

Remember, put your self out there – let college change you into a hard working individual. You will only prosper in the end! Let this be inspiration to those of you who might not typically be an outgoing person! I sure wasn’t.



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