You graduated, you got a job, and now 6 months later you have to pay back student debt. Oh, and unless you are the 1 in 176 million who wins the 540 million dollar MegaMillions Jackpot tonight… you’ll hopefully appreciate the few tips I put together to help you on your journey to becoming debt-free: 1. Stay Current Most college students move at … Continue reading

Face the Facts About Facebook: 5 Facebook Rules You Should Follow (If You Don’t Already)

Face the Facts About Facebook: 5 Facebook Rules You Should Follow: 1. Next time you’re playing water pong at the local watering hole remember not to put the pictures up on Facebook. 2. If you wouldn’t want a parent/grandparent seeing your photo that’s probably a good indication that you shouldn’t put it online. 3. Don’t … Continue reading

LinkedIn Tip #2

We previously discussed a tip for LinkedIn for how to become discovered. That tip was to get your profile to 100% complete in LinkedIn so you’ll become more easily searchable to recruiters. Today we’ll be discussing viewing others profiles on LinkedIn. On the LinkedIn professional network, you can see when someone views your profile. More … Continue reading

Snooze and you will not lose

College is hectic. Although you have more free time, you’re still busy with friends, sports, extracurricular activities, working, meetings, and just keeping it all together successfully. So your new best friend will be sleep. Ah yes, wonderful lovely sleep. Too many students think going to college is an excuse to break free, stay up all … Continue reading

Being in college doesn’t mean being broke

The association between college students and being broke is so over saturated these days. We get it, you’re in college, it’s a new world, new schedule, you’re getting acclimated, your studies come first so why even think about working or money? For some people mommy and daddy have fat bank accounts in which they pay … Continue reading

You are going to do GREAT…

“You’re going to do great” as you get closer to graduation this is a phrase that will be over played like a ‘Katy Perry’ song on the radio. Everyone you meet, everyone you speak with, will give you this positive endorsement. It’s almost as if they know something that you don’t. The first few times … Continue reading

How to time manage school-work, and play.

We all learn pretty young how important homework and projects are for a class. It helps us take the material we have learned from that week or day, take it home, and then practice it. However,  as time goes on more tasks and opportunities come into your life, this is when having good time management … Continue reading

Why working and not getting paid is worth it

When we think of getting a job, we usually think of getting a paycheck every week. That’s the whole point isn’t it? Actually the point or a job is not only to get paid, but also to get paid while learning and contributing your knowledge and skills from college and life onto your career. As … Continue reading

5 Best Investments You Can Make In College

Okay, so you’re broke. Join the club! But wait, before you continue reading, answer one question. Do you have any of the following?… a. IPad b. New Car Rims c. New Car Speakers d. Michael Kors Watch e. Diddy Beats Yea, that’s what I thought. Many college students do. I just don’t get it. Clearly, … Continue reading

Even if you’re not in college, you need a spring break

It’s true, we all need a little vacation sometimes, even when you’re not in college. So if you see us slacking this week, it’s not because this isn’t working out or that we don’t love you anymore, because the truth is we do. But some of us needed to take a little rest and relaxation … Continue reading